12 Torrentz2 Alternatives: Top Torrent Search Engines

12 Torrentz2 Alternatives Top Torrent Search Engines

It’s been too long seeing that Torrentz banned, among the ones international’s biggest torrent websites, declared shutdown in 2016. Torrentz was used by millions of customers to download movies, games, films, download along with different torrent files. Torrentz2 is the best location to download movies, games, and television shows.

Due to the piracy troubles these days, Torrentz2 has been banned through many ISPs, and it’s by far the simplest and handy through torrentz2 proxy websites. But there are many other proxy websites surfing the internet, and some inject malicious viruses into the system. For this, you should read this complete blog.

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12 Torrentz2 Alternatives: Top Torrent Search Engines

Here we present the top 12 Torrentz2 Alternatives: Top Torrent Search Engines

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a user-friendly torrent internet site wherein everybody can get torrent files in the category of movies, songs, games, books, registered software, and much more. The Pirate Bay is said to be the leading platform for purchasing torrent files for nearly free. The only disadvantage of the use of The Pirate Bay is that it doesn’t provide the meta link to the users.

Whenever the users try to download any torrent rather than having the download file, it’s far routinely fetched up by using the torrent client. Then, the user is pressured by  The Pirate Bay to download it immediately. So, in this attitude, The Pirate Bay is not as a great deal user-friendly in comparison to the other websites. But still, you can discover the high-quality stuff from the large engine of The Pirate Bay.

2. 1337 x

1337 x

In torrent sites, 1337X is among the most popular, presenting users an aesthetically beautiful layout and a range of features. The platform’s user-friendly interface extends beyond mere visuals, emphasising a smooth and simple layout that caters to each novice and seasoned customer. 

User feedback via comments and ratings fosters an environment in which the fine and protection of torrents are paramount. This platform takes satisfaction in its trendy design, imparting a visually attractive space that pleasures torrent browsing.

Moreover, 1337X’s numerous content categories offer various choices, making sure users can explore and find torrents primarily based on their possibilities. The ease of importing further encourages a wealthy collection of content, preserving the platform vibrant and up-to-date.

3. Sci hub

Sci hub

Sci-Hub is a free paper file-sharing website. Users can put it to use to view numerous books and research papers on numerous associated topics without regard to any copyright issues. Users can download research articles similarly to discovering and studying them. Furthermore, this website also carries academic articles ranging from biological sciences to control. This internet site allows students to look for applicable publications for free. It can assist users to look for favoured research papers while sitting in their houses. With this capability, users can attain research papers quickly. Users might also search for these studies articles or papers by year of guide, authors, or publishing magazine. Furthermore, all files on this website can be downloaded except those that require top-class user access.

4. Library genesis

Library genesis

Library Genesis (LibGen) is a file-sharing-based shadow library website for scholarly journal articles, educational and well-known books, pictures, comics, audiobooks, and magazines. The website is online and enables loose admission to content that is, in any other case, paywalled or not digitised in some other place. LibGen describes itself as a “link aggregator”, providing a searchable database of gadgets “accrued from publicly to be had public Internet sources” in addition to files uploaded “from users”.

5. BTdigg


BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that analyses the DHT community with real-time aid. It gives the search facility with the help of full-textual content search and holds the torrents in Asian and European languages with active status.

BTDigg is an entirely criminal system with two essential properties, along with decentralisation and Unicity. Decentralisation is a way that the platform presents the power to search the interior or outdoors of torrent areas except for personal trackers. On the other hand, Unicity identifies that there’s nothing analogue due to specific houses.

6. Lime torrents

Lime torrents

This Limetorrents is most possibly some of the fine picks for Torrentz2. It gives a smooth white person experience with the organization-wise files, charts, and files of top torrent websites and the easy-to-go-looking torrent files you want. It has a huge database of movies, TV shows, anime, and software programs.

7. Torrends.To


Like Torrentz2, Torrends tracks torrents from popular websites like The Pirate Bay and 1337x. It’s but any other torrent search engine that saves you a lot of time and effort. The download speed and all different applicable metrics are similar to you’d find on the unique web page Torrends.To. Users love the seamless layout and the minimal advert intrusion of this website online.

With a touch under 5 million hits a month and a wonderful What’s Trending section, Torrends.To may be an amazing choice in case you’re seeking out difficult-to-understand titles.



Although the Pirate Bay reigns as the top torrent website online, EZTV holds the identity for TV shows. It is a unique website with content organisation. For example, the homepage categorises TV shows because of the state-of-the-art additions, full season packs, and the 20 most seeded torrents, facilitating the clean discovery of preferred or new content.

9. IP torrents

IP torrents

IPTorrents is one among the biggest private torrenting websites, boasting a massive library, an lively network, and honestly no ad intrusion. But you’ll need an invitation to enter.

Getting into IPTorrents also requires a Bitcoin donation, and this means that fewer malicious customers are on the platform. Moreover, most torrents at the website online are legitimate.

Private torrenting websites usually have significantly better streaming speeds than public ones due to the fact members ought to observe seeding quotas. Despite the high level of protection, we advocate encrypting your reference to NordVPN earlier than getting access to IPTorrents or any other personal torrent web site.

10. Torrent rover

Torrent rover

TorrentRover makes use of the most famous torrent search engines to get you high-quality results. Currently supports thePirateBay.Org, KAT.Ph, isoHunt.To, and BitSnoop.Com. And they’re continually enhancing and adding more search websites.

Downloading torrent files is a snap with TorrentRover. You can download any torrent (or torrents) with a double click on the mouse, but TorrentRover can even download torrents routinely whilst you set up an ordinary seek to seize that weekly show you don’t need to miss.

Search control is what separates TorrentRover from its website counterparts. You can use the quick search discipline to get fast results, or you may add a custom Rover for more unique results. TorrentRover will constantly aim for a friendly torrent so you can easily find what you want. User remarks and file lists assist out plenty, too.

11. Torrent downloads

Torrent downloads

As its name suggests, this website can be a haven for all your torrenting needs. With a massive variety of well-listed torrents of films, TV shows, and the entirety in between, TorrentDownloads is nearly your one-forestall shop to the whole thing that has got to do with torrents.

TorrentDownloads did lose its attraction someplace down the road and the feature came to be an infamous way to popup advertisements from adult websites, turning into a nuisance for torrents. However, the place has when you consider that it has eliminated all such ads and revamped its picture. With torrentz2 out of the manner, Torrent Downloads becomes one the most effective 12 Torrentz2 Alternatives: Top Torrent Search Engines obtainable!

12. Extratorrent2


Extratorrent2 is an online platform for virtual content of entertainment media, packages, and software programs. It lets visitors go looking, download fast, and make contribution magnet links in addition to files that facilitate P2P file sharing amongst customers of the BitTorrent protocol. The platform is called one of the most popular platforms that offer all varieties of content.

With the assistance of this, you may quickly search and download movies, software programs, apps, games, and all of the different forms of virtual content. The most thrilling reality about this platform is that it gives a couple of sections to discover, which includes Browse Torrent, Top a hundred, Music, and TV Shows, which store a variety of time.

Torrentz2.eu Proxy & Mirror Sites In 2024

12 Torrentz2 Alternatives: Top Torrent Search Engines

Torrentz2.eu is one of the most popular clones of the famous torrent search engine. This website was the most preferred website for the go-to station for games, movies, TV shows, web series, books, software, and music downloads for several million internet users.

Listed below are all the working Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites to unbanned Torrentz2 torrent search engine, in case users have trouble opening the original site.

Warning! Use A VPN When Using Torrent Sites

Using torrents without a virtual private network (VPN) means your Internet service provider can keep track of all your Internet activities. In certain countries, including the US, ISPs can legally share all your information with several third-party companies, including intellectual property owners. A good VPN will keep your online activity exclusive and private from your ISP. 

The most effective way to torrent safely is by using a VPN. VPN can re-route all given traffic through a server in a location of your choosing, which changes your original IP address to one of the common IPs used by online surfers. 


Hope you now know about the torrentz2 alternatives to try. Torrenting sites are first-rate libraries of songs, films, books, software programs, and plenty more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal in many countries and might result in legal results. 


Is Torrentz2 a safe site?

Torrentz2 is a safe and secure site, but if you are using unofficial and not reputable proxies and mirrors, you may end up installing malware and viruses. These sites are filled with ads and popups so you have to beware not to click on them. 

How do I use torrentz2 EU?

Visit one of the Torretz2 websites. Search for the torrent file you desire for.
Download the torrent file with a torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent.
You may also use magnet search to get torrent files from torrentz2.

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