Ta Nho KY UC Nguyen Si Kha • Rainy Day Memories • 2023

ta nho ky uc nguyen si kha • rainy day memories • 2023

Even after the last note is played, certain musical compositions continue to chord emotions. Composed by Nguyen Si Kha “Ta Nho Ky Uc” gives you the perfect connotation to the above one. Are you ready to evoke your senses in the burst of emotions?

 Nguyen Si Kha is a Vietnamese composer whose outstanding work includes his 2023 album Rainy Day Memories; the song “Ta Nho Ky Uc ”. A rousing illustration of introspection, nostalgia, and desire.  An emphatic illustration of introspection, nostalgia, and desire. Listeners feel a strong emotional connection to the composition.  

The Composer: Nguyen Si Kha 

Before you delve in the song “Ta Nho Ky Uc,” gives you the name of the artist for the Vietnamese composer Nguyen Si Kha – renowned Vietnamese musician with his ability to amalgamate traditional Vietnamese melodies producing a distinctive fusion from the listeners across the globe. His portfolio frequently helps them deal with the love, grief and human emotions embracing the conventional musical influences tributing Vietnam’s enriched cultural legacy.

The Artistic Vision of Nguyen Si Kha

By delving into the world of “ta nho ky uc nguyen si kha • rainy day memories • 2023,” it is vital to grasp the artistic vision that leads to N Nguyen Si Kha’s creative endeavor’s. His collection is a classic arrangement of notes that reflects the innermost thoughts, emotions and experiences. While composing the music, Nguyen Si Kha embarks on a journey of self-discovery, inviting them to touch the inner layers of the soul.

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The Album: Rainy Day Memories (2023) 

For music listeners, The song “Ta Nho Ky Uc” can be listened to on Nguyen Si Kha’s album “Rainy Day Memories, a perfect camaraderie of nostalgic and rain-soaked streets that creates versatile emotional landscapes. Being released in 2023, it demonstrates composers skills for creating heart-pounding melodies forwarding listeners to a place of memories and collisions of the present. 

ta nho ky uc nguyen si kha • rainy day memories • 2023

Exploring the Song “ta nho ky uc nguyen si kha • rainy day memories • 2023”

Translating the memories “ “Ta Nho Ky Uc” gives you a hauntingly suitable composition developing a dream of the past. All the listeners immerse in the depressing atmosphere from the notes while falling into the air as each chord resonates with a longing for that.

“Ta Nho Ky Uc”  is a perfect collection of a melodious song that transcends listeners to the ancient area. Giving a nostalgic quality to the notes while giving the weight of all the treasured memories and fading away is the hallmark of the songs. The enchanting auditory  “Ta Nho Ky Uc” landscape with such distinguished class.

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All Songs From The Album Rainy Day Memories 2023 

  1. Ban Tay Lanh
  2. Ben Doi Nguoi Thuong
  3. Buoc Chan Lang Tham
  4. Buoc Di
  5. Buon Lam Gi
  6. Can Chac Moi
  7. Canh Buom
  8. Canh En
  9. Chi Mong Em Hanh Phuc
  10. Chia Tay Mua Bay
  11. Chiec Xe Dap
  12. Co Don Danh Cho
  13. Dau Noi Tam
  14. Di That Xa
  15. Dung Quan Tam
  16. Em Dem Troi
  17. Gia Nhu
  18. Gia Quen Em
  19. Gian Doi Ai
  20. Hoa Roi Cua Phat
  21. Loi Hua Gio Bay
  22. Long Buon
  23. Muon Quen Em
  24. Ngay Cua Dem
  25. Nguoi Ra Di
  26. Nho Ve Nu Cuoi
  27. Nhu Nhau Thoi
  28. Noi Buon Ve
  29. Noi Dau Chia Xa
  30. Nu Cuoi Khong Vui
  31. Rainy Day Memories
  32. Ta Di Tim
  33. Ta Nho Em
  34. Ta Nho Ky Uc
  35. Tai Te Long
  36. Tang Phuc
  37. Tham Mong
  38. Thoi Dung Trach
  39. Thoi gian Troi
  40. Tim Em
  41. Toi Ac
  42. Toi Roi Xa Em
  43. Troi Cung Em
  44. Troi Nguoc
  45. Trom Tim Ai
  46. Tu Ky
  47. Tuyet Thang Tu
  48. Vi Sao
  49. Xa Em
  50. Yeu Xa


The music is all about giving a direct connection overcoming cultural barriers. Indeed “Ta Nho Ky Uc” by Nguyen Si Kha, gives you a timeless ode to memory that beautifully captures the ephemeral of moments past. Each reminds us of the timeless ability that arouses feelings, jog memories, and align them all in our common journey through life as they are engrossed in the haunting melody.

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