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Tamil HD movie 2023 download

From pulse-pounding thrillers to gripping tales of love and revenge, Tamil filmmakers now take storytelling to new heights through captivating narratives and superb performances. A variety of genres is covered in this collection making it a compilation of Tamil HD movie 2023 Download ranging from mystery to action, romance or horror for everyone.

Aval Peyar Rajni

Aval Peyar Rajni

In the Tamilian mystery thriller “Aval Peyar Rajni” (2023), which is translated to “Her Name is Rajni,” two sisters named Naveen and Gowri find themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation. A threat hanging over their lives sends them on a desperate hunt to identify an enigmatic woman called Rajni.

The movie throws at them one whirlwind after another filled with chaos and peril. We do not know what kind of danger it is but it compels these girls to go deeper than they ever thought possible into themselves as well as others while uncovering secrets they could never have imagined having to face or who put them there for that matter let alone why thus making new enemies along their way too all stemming from this so far non-existent person known only by name so far; “Rajini.” 

Aval Payar Rajini Full Tamil Movie Download


Naadu Tamil Movie
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: M. Saravanan
  • Writer: M. Saravanan
  • Producer: Raj, Chakra Ithayamani
  • Actors: Tharshan Thiyagarajah, R.S. Shivaji, Aruldoss
  • Actress: Mahima Nambiar
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Released in December 2023, ‘Naadu’ meaning Country in English, is a Tamil language action drama film that depicts the issues faced by healthcare facilities in rural areas and how determined medical professionals are.

Set against a backdrop of mountains where there is no doctor within miles because people living there contract diseases very often due to lack of proper medical attention, this story revolves around such a village whose inhabitants badly want resident physicians to cater for their health needs especially when emergencies arise among them. It’s here where Dr Pooja -an ambitious fresh graduate from a local university arrives hopeful about bringing change.

Naadu Full Tamil Movie Download

Route No 17

Route No 17
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Abhilash G. Devan
  • Writer: Abhilash G. Devan, Anju Pandia
  • Producer: Amar Ramachandran
  • Actors: Jithan Ramesh, Hareesh Peradi
  • Actress: Anusree Pothan
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

“Route No. 17” (2023) is a Tamil suspense thriller set on an empty highway that pulls you into excitement with every twist and turn. Prabhu, who drives cabs for his living always staying calm even if he knows all the shortcuts due to secret paths he knows about, must have picked up on a rainy day evening one lady passenger Meera unknown to him at first but later revealed herself as someone who had some hidden intentions.

As they started driving along Route No. 17, a polite conversation between two strangers soon turns sinister when it dawns on Prabhu that everything he thought was true about his passenger may not be so after all because at each mile further down this desolate road where there are no other vehicles in sight whatsoever except theirs, the danger becomes more imminent till when?

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 Aayiram Porkaasukal

 Aayiram Porkaasukal
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Ravi Murukaya
  • Producer: G. Ramalingam
  • Actors: Vidharth, George Maryan, Saravan, Jahnavika
  • Box Office Revenue: 
  • IMDB Rating: 7.0/10

“Aayiram Porkasigal” (2023), or “A Thousand Gold Coins”, is a Tamil romantic comedy movie filled with lots of funny moments. It premiered on December 2023. The film follows the life of Animuthu, a lazy man in his middle age who only wakes up for meals and sometimes chores.

However, things take an interesting turn when the government declares relief plans for the construction of toilets across various neighbourhoods. Having sees this as an opportunity to milk the system without doing any work himself; therefore he tries deceiving authorities into believing that his neighbour’s toilet is his own so that he can get paid by them while still enjoying all the comforts at home without moving an inch.

Aayiram Porkasigal Full Tamil Movie Download

Saba Nayagan

Saba Nayagan
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: C.S. Karthikeyan
  • Writer: C.S. Karthikeyan
  • Producer: Iyyappan Gnanavel, Megavanan Isaivanan, Aravind Jayabalan
  • Actors: Ashok Selvan
  • Actress: Karthika Muraleedharan
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

In “Saba Nayagan” (2023), a gripping Tamil action thriller, Vijay Sethupathi plays the role of an enigmatic vigilante named Saba. The film conceals Saba’s history in silence, hence forcing fans to gather clues throughout the narrative.

He is shown operating among criminals in Chennai whom he fights against on behalf of the innocent. His motives are questioned following his harsh methods and dispensing justice himself. Is this person driven by revenge as a former cop or is he just a good samaritan that wants to clean up streets?

While crushing criminal enterprises, ACP Ramkumar becomes aware of him and starts chasing after him with all his might to bring him before the court. This leads to a thrilling cat-and-mouse game where every move made by Saba is studied carefully by Ramkumar who tries to predict what could be next for him. 

 Saba Nayagan Full Tamil Movie Download 

Fight Club

Fight Club
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Abbas A Rahmath
  • Writer: Abbas A Rahmath, Vijay Kumar
  • Producer: Lokesh Kanagaraj, R. Bala Kumar
  • Actors: Vijay Kumar, Avinash Raghudevan, Shankar Thas
  • Actress: Monisha Mohan Menon, 
  • Box Office Revenue: Rs 5.81 Crore
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10

The 1999 cult classic has been remade into Tamil language called Fight Club (2023) which offers a new perspective on the underground fighting world filled with darkness and grit. The nameless protagonist may be named Surya in this version; He works at an office job but can’t sleep due to insomnia. One day he comes across Tyler Durden who runs an underground fight club known as “Adirkali Club”. It promises a dark thought-provoking experience that reflects societal pressures and attraction towards rebellion. It will be interesting how they reinterpret this cult classic for Tamil audiences while keeping its originality intact in terms of rawness and disturbing themes.

Fight Club Tamil Full Movie Download 


  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Raajaselvam
  • Writer: Raajaselvam
  • Producer: N. Selvaraj
  • Actors: Karthick Singa, Robo Shankar
  • Actress: Anaya Lakshmi, K.R. Vijaya, Nalini
  • Box Office Revenue: 
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamil Nadu serves as the backdrop for Kodai (2023) which is a mystery thriller movie set there. Suspense is created when we see friends going on vacation together. Kodai(2023) capitalises on the beauty and isolation of Kodaikanal to build suspense throughout the movie. It talks about friendship, the burden of past secrets and the realisation that sometimes the most dangerous people are closest to us. With breathtaking visuals and an intriguing mystery set against a popular tourist destination, this film promises to be a thrilling Tamilian suspense.

 Kodai Full Tamil Movie Download

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  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Yashwanth Kishore
  • Writer: Yashwanth Kishore
  • Producer: J. Danush, M. Ganesh
  • Actors: Mayilsamy, Adhesh Sudhakar
  • Actress: Keerthi Pandian, Ammu Abhirami, Vidya Pradeep
  • Box Office Revenue: Rs 1.02 Crore
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Kannagi (2023) is a Tamil social drama film focusing on contemporary Indian society’s treatment towards women Directed by Yashwanth Kishore and starring some talented actors/actresses; it tells four different tales from four unique female perspectives. The movie powerfully examines women’s rights issues while also being very touching emotionally especially through showcasing their various struggles against societal biases which must make any viewer feel for them deeply as well as cheer all the more loudly for these ladies’ strength & resilience.

Kannagi Full Tamil Movie Download


  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Mantra Veerapandian
  • Writer: Mantra Veerapandian
  • Producer: J. Danush, M. Ganesh
  • Actors: Venkat Senguttuvan, M.S. Bhaskar
  • Actress: Ivana, Aradhya
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Mathimaran (2023) is a Tamil action thriller that is set in the world of ancient martial arts and revenge. It is about Mathimaran who is a warrior with great skills but is haunted by his past. One day, everything changes for this man when something terrible occurs to him which forces him to go on seeking payback against his enemies. Driven by this desire for vengeance he trains himself until becoming very powerful at fighting so that nobody can beat him even if they tried their best.

Varma Kalai, one among many types belonging to vast traditions surrounding Tamil martial art forms, has been adopted as the basis from which Mathi’s fights are developed; these may be shown within beautifully staged combat scenes throughout this movie. The storyline involving revenge as well redemption provides an extra level towards what could have otherwise been quite a straightforward narrative resulting in a more interesting film which will make people think about it long after having watched it.

Mathimaran Full Tamil Movie Download

Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu

Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Ramesh Venkat
  • Writer: Kishore K. Kumar, Ramesh Venkat
  • Producer: Rajan, Gomathi
  • Actors: Charukesh, Munishkanth, Sathyamurthi
  • Actress: Yaashika Aanand 
  • Box Office Revenue: 
  • IMDB Rating: 3.7/10

In 2023 comedy-horror “Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu” (You Can’t Run You Can’t Hide) was released as a breath of fresh air among Tamil films. Ramesh Venkat directed this spine-chilling ride through an enigmatic theatre where certain people find themselves trapped without knowing how or why and they have no clue what awaits them there either. The plot revolves around a bunch of different characters, each having their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. They step into a regular theatre, oblivious that they are in for some odd events. As the play goes on, the theatre turns into a supernatural jail and the characters get caught up in a series of encounters with ghosts and other unexplained things.

Odavum Mudiyadhu Oliyavum Mudiyadhu Full Tamil Movie Download

Conjuring Kannappan

Conjuring Kannappan
  • Year Of Release: 2023
  • Director: Selvin Raj Xavier
  • Writer: Selvin Raj Xavier
  • Producer: Kalpathi S. Agoram, Aishwarya Kalpathi, Archana Kalpathi, Kalpathi S. Suresh
  • Actors: Sathish, Nassar, Anandraj
  • Actress: Regina Cassandra, Saranya Ponvannan
  • Box Office Revenue: 7.82 Crore
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Conjuring Kannappan (2023) is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language supernatural horror film written and directed by Vishnu Purusothaman. It stars Ashok Selvan in the lead role alongside Ritu Varma, Vani Bhojan and Yogi Babu. The film is produced by Sameer Bharat Ram under Super Talkies.

This movie promises to bring something new into the world of Indian horror cinema – folktales combined with haunted houses set up against rural backdrops… The Murthy family moves from city life into their ancestral village house which turns out to have evil spirits trapped inside its walls. They believe it’s haunted by one person alone: Kannappan who was wronged many years ago! A hair-raising experience awaits us when different cultural elements are blended within suspenseful storytelling methods so often employed within Tamil movies like these too.

Conjuring Kannappan Full Tamil Movie Download


these are some great Tamil HD movie 2023 Download which display the grandeur of storytelling and creative genius that abounds in the industry. Tamil cinema has it all: from pulsating action to heartrending dramas, these films will hold you captive to their stories and characters that are hard to erase. These free HD movies of 2023 in Tamil for download now could be your ticket to exciting moments in theatres.

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