Best Working LimeTorrents Mirror Sites to Unblock


Limtorrent is a reliable torrent search engine website, it is famous for its efficient customer service and millions of users worldwide. The platform does not host any of its own torrent files, it uses BitTorrent’s peer to peer file sharing for redistributing content. Limetorrents has a user-friendly interface, which makes it an easy process to download movies, TV shows, web series, anime, games, software, eBooks, music, and all sorts of content. One fact about Limetorrents is that it is blocked by several ISPs worldwide including the countries US, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia and India. You can use proxies or mirroring sites on this list, it will help you get access to the service with ease. We recommend you to use FastestVPN while trying to access any Limetorrents proxy. It helps you in the following ways: bypasses geo-restrictions, boosts speeds, protects you online, and influences internet anonymity.

Top 5 Working LimeTorrents Mirror Sites to Unblock

Proxy and mirror sites are not the best alternatives to your internet security. All the Mirror sites are complete replicas of the original site and also have all the original contents. The proxy sites are just a means of unblocking LimeTorrents. The list below shows the best proxy sites in 2024 to watch all the latest content regardless of anything.

S.No Best Proxy sites of 2024 

Best Alternatives of Limetorrents

Best Alternatives of Limetorrents

If you are looking for alternatives instead of proxies, the below points shows the 7 best LimeTorrents alternatives you can 

Limetorrents Mirror Websites: Explained 

All proxy websites provide a cheap and easy alternative to anonymously using Limetorrents. I still recommend using a VPN, such as FastestVPN, with these Limetorrents proxy websites. By acting as an intermediary between you and the sites that you wish to visit this way the proxy sites work. Using these proxy sites does not always guarantee protection from third party sites that want to sell your internet activity. These are free-charge proxy sites, so they make their revenue from advertisements. 

You can also use a VPN to eliminate irritating ads and pop-up windows. One of the most popular VPNs is FastestVPN. It provides the latest VPN provider with all of these features to allow you to torrent wisely and safely. 

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Why are these Proxy sites so important for Limetorrents?

Why are these Proxy sites so important for Limetorrents?

Worldwide, people and countries’ governments have ordered a crackdown on all pirated torrenting websites, and Limetorrents is no different. It is highly unlikely that you will be caught and thrown in jail for directly downloading torrents, but we suggest it is much better not to risk it all. Proxy or mirroring sites will always be needed as long as there is a massive demand for these downloaded torrent files. 

If you are still not sure that a VPN provider like FastestVPN should remove those doubts, then it allows you to download the torrents of your choice effortlessly and with no additional costs at all. Additionally, FatestVPN’s military grade AES-256-bit encryption should blow your mind. You cannot go wrong with peer to peer optimized servers and 99.9% uptime while torrenting with a VPN. 

Is Limetorrents secure?

As we have discussed Limetorrents is a safe website since it contains no shady links. We highly recommend using a VPN while using Limetorrents alternatives or other third-party sites. 

Step by step guide to using it: Limetorrents Securely

The steps to use torrent are: 

  • The first step is to connect the FastestVPN 
  • Then download the BitTorrent client 
  • After this visit Limetorrent’s client 
  • There Find your file and copy the file’s URL
  • Then Run the BitTorrent client, paste the URL and click ok.
  • Your file will be downloaded after some time.

VPN To Use LimeTorrents Proxy

VPN To Use LimeTorrents Proxy

VPN’s are virtual private networks, which are the ultimate tools when it comes to your cybersecurity. One of the best examples is FastestVPN; it comes equipped with all the latest torrenting features, security protocols, and encryption technology. The choice is yours, you can choose which VPN provider you want; there are hundreds of VPN providers. All these VPN providers enable you to hide your location and IP addresses, allowing you to access geo-restricted sites like Limetorrents. It is the most effective way of downloading torrents and contrary to popular belief, VPN’s do not slow down your internet speed or affect your torrenting speeds. VPN’s vast features should remove any unsettling thoughts you may have had about your cyber-security. For your better understanding and benefit we have designed a criteria, so you all can be sure that you can trust VPN when using proxy sites for Limetorrents. There are three separate categories for your ease: 

  • Torrenting policy – Torrenting policy is useless if a VPN does not allow torrenting for its servers. 
  • Jurisdiction – The jurisdiction of VPN when accessing torrenting is incredibly important and thus part of our criteria. 
  • Logging policy – you can choose the best VPN by seeing if it has a zero log policy. 

Use a VPN for torrenting

Using a VPN for torrenting gives various benefits, especially for accessing LimeTorrent proxies. If you have any issues while accessing any of these Working LimeTorrents Mirror Sites to Unblock, here the points shows how you can use a VPN for torrenting to access it.

  • Firstly, you have to sign up with Fastest VPN.
  • Then download the VPN app on your torrenting device. 
  • After this sign in and connect to the best server.
  • Now you can enjoy unlimited content on your LimeTorrent proxies. 

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Users can use LimeTorrents to watch the game of Thrones Season 

Limetorrents is the best torrenting website anywhere and what better than downloading and binge watching the game of Thrones season on the device of your choice very easily. You can watch it with the family or alone; it is the perfect torrenting website for you. This website is for you whether you are a Game of Thrones fan. Their directory hosts thousands of the latest TV series from Stranger Things to Vikings. We suggest you use one of the many proxy sites listed above in this article and enjoy their user-friendly interface. 


It allows you to easily download and watch all the latest pirated content at no additional cost. The torrenting site also hosts various verified and reliable torrents. Don’t forget to subscribe to FastestVPN to remove any risk of viruses or hackers affecting your data or identity. You can use proxy or mirror sites as a cheap and easy alternative to unblocking your favorite torrenting website. Most people prefer to use proxy sites as VPN’s are free of cost and they are not a secure option as all your data and activity are exposed. FastestVPN offers better encryption technology and an AD blocker at a small additional cost.  This is all about Limetorrents Proxy, a torrenting website.

FAQ about Working LimeTorrents Proxy Mirror Sites

Is torrentz2 going offline?

Wikipedia – Torrentz
The backup domain,, was still reachable after the domain was taken down at the end of June 2020.

Why won’t LimeTorrent open?

Like I said, LimeTorrents is prohibited in the majority of nations. We have provided a few functional Lime Torrent proxies or mirror sites, nevertheless, if you’re still determined to access its material within your nation.

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