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Veer Zaara (2004) is a popular Hindi movie that was released in 2004. Veer-Zaara is a saga of love, separation, courage, and sacrifice

Veer Zara Full Movie Storyline & Summary

Veer Zara Full Movie Storyline & Summary

A love story that is an inspiration and will remain a legend forever. The government of Pakistan reviewed some of their unsolved cases of Indian detainees as an act of kindness. In her first case, Saamiya Siddiqui was entrusted with juveniles’ defense for prisoner 786. Having maintained silence for over twenty-two terms since identity confirmation as Rajesh Rathore, only at the mention of his correct name did silence break and Veer Pratap Singh narrates his story to her.

Twenty-two times before, Zaara Hayaat Khan is a lively young Pakistani woman whose family belongs to a political constituency that is in high adherence in Lahore. The right to marry her has been pre-determined to Raza Shirazi, a fat influential attorney. Zaara makes a trip to India to fulfill the last desire of her Sikh nurse to have her ashes immersed in the Sutlej River. Unfortunately, before reaching her final destination her car suffers an accident. For this reason, Zaara’s car crashes. The one who saves her stays with her and helps fulfill the nanny’s wish. Also, she helps her see his aunt and uncle who had raised him. 

A day later, Zaara was accompanied by Raza her fiancé at the train station as far as the entrance. 

He takes her back to Pakistan after being shot by the police because he is said to be a terrorist. At first, Zaara did not speak to him; but by the time they reached the Pakistani border, she could not resist anymore because he made her fall in love with him through his gentle nature and tender behavior. 

Veer Zaara: A Heartwarming Love Story with Many Plot Twists! 

Veer Zaara: A Heartwarming Love Story with Many Plot Twists! 

After their first meeting, Zaara could not help thinking of Veer. Fate brought them together but destiny was unkind as the lovers faced separation. 

She began asking herself questions like why she could not live without him; what would happen after marriage and so on but there was nobody who could answer these questions except her own heart which had rightly chosen him among many. Veer opened up to Zaara in the sense that he finally admitted his feelings towards her stating that he still can’t marry her despite everything therefore they both left each other believing that they would never meet again. Even though what she has realized in his presence is love, she believes it would be more honorable if she could still marry Raza. 

Somehow, Raza intervenes and gets Veer arrested by the Pakistani police which is why he is imprisoned. When faced with the choice, Veer sacrifices his freedom instead of walking away freely. It is presumed that Veer is dead as the bus he was traveling in falls off the cliff. 

Veer asks Saamiya not to bring Zara’s name into the picture as it might tarnish her reputation as a married woman. While traveling to Veer’s village, Saamiya is astonished to see Zara and Shabbo at his home. Shabbo explained that after Zaara permitted Veer, she broke the engagement with Raza with her father’s backing. In the end, her parents and Veer’s aunt and uncle all died five times over. As everyone in the Hayat Khan family passed away, Zaara and Shabbo traveled to India from Pakistan. They ended up in the village where they now live to realize Veer’s initiative of making his dream of modernizing his village come true. 

Zaara was shocked after learning the fact that Veer was alive. This time, back in Pakistan, the old lovers reunite in a heartwarming moment. Her arguments in court make the judge accept Mr. Veer’s innocence and real identity as the two parts gain freedom in farewell. Saamiya, who sparks off the need to say goodbye at Wagah border point even though non-intentionally, will be deserted there by the couple who later go back to India where they can start a new, better life together after years of longing.

Veer Zaara Full Movie HD 720p Download Filmyzilla

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Veer Zara Full Movie Cast & Crews 

Veer Zara is a beautiful love story across borders, making us believe in the power of love: love knows no bounds. Bollywood Stars like Shah Rukh Khan (Veer) and Preity Zinta (Zara) make up the cast of the Veer Zara. 

Veer Zara Full Movie Songs Lists

In Film Veer Zaara (2004) music is given by Madan Mohan and Sanjeev Kohli. The lyrics were written by Javed Akhtar. Enjoy All Veer Zaara (2004) Bollywood Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs Download in Digital Format Online Listen or download the single zip file.

Veer Zara Box Office Collection

Veer Zara is a SUPER HIT film. It is a much loved Bollywood Classic which is still regarded as one of the finest cross-border love stories. It is an evergreen film that was a major hit at the box office. 

Veer Zara Full Movie Box IMDB Reviews & Ratings

Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery 6 Images

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Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery
Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery
Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery
Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery
Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery
Veer Zara Full Movie Gallery

Veer Zara Full Movie FAQ-

Q. Was Veer-Zaara a true story?

A:  Yes, Veer-Zara is based on the love story of Boota Singh, a soldier in the British Raj or the era of partition. 

Q. Was Veer-Zaara shot in Pakistan?

A: Yes, parts of the film were actually shot in Pakistan. The shooting took place at three locations majorly i.e. Mumbai, Punjab (India) and in Pakistan. 

Q. Was Veer Zaara shot in Pataudi Palace?

A: Yes, the film featured parts of the famous Pataudi Palace that now belongs to Saif Ali Khan. 

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