1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives (Updated 2024)

1337x Torrents is one of the most famous directories for torrent files and links. In 2021, it is the 0.33-most famous torrent website. However, because of its past legal problems with governments, 1337x has been banned in some international locations since 2015.

To help customers get access to 1337x even if blocked, we’ve compiled a listing of operating 1337x proxy and mirror websites in 2024. Using those 1337x Torrents Mirror sites/domains, you could quickly access the internet site’s content, even supposing it’s miles blocked for your country. So, whether you are unable to get access to the primary website or just want an alternative with better speed, these 1337x proxy websites are available.

What is 1337x Torrents?

 1337x has been one of the most popular torrent websites in the world. The internet site is a top destination for fresh movies, TV shows, music releases, anime, games, user content, and lots more. 1337x is a community-driven platform with many uploaders offering diverse forms of content for each and every one. It is a website providing torrent files and links with large popularity, specifically considering the mass shutdown of other prominent torrent websites.

Even though the amount of available content on the internet site is in reality fantastic, sometimes you may not locate exactly what you want or the files you’re trying to get have no users and you’re caught with huge files downloading at 5kbps. In those cases, it’s essential to have some alternatives that could provide you a number of content with a total number of users so you can download whatever pretty speedy.

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How Does 1337x Torrents Work? 

1337x is a reliable Bit Torrent site and one of the best sites for downloading movies, games, software, TV shows, and music via torrent magnet URl. Its working is pretty simple as it is a proxy site. Proxy sites work as a medium between the user and the destination site the user is trying to reach. If you use a proxy site then the request from your device goes through the proxy server (the medium) before reaching the targeted site.  This medium proxy served as an extra layer of security. Thus it helps the user to unblock the 1337x torrent site without getting easily tracked.

1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives  in 2024

Mirror websites do backups for the principal websites. In the case the principal internet site is closed down for any reason, customers can leap to any of the available mirrors. Here’s a listing of available 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives (Updated 2024), as well as 1337x Proxy Sites in 2024

1337x Proxy Alternatives (Updated May 2024)

1337x Proxy SitesStatus
1337x.bz100% Working
13377x.twNew Proxy

Top Alternatives to 1337x for Torrent Downloads

Here is a list of top Alternatives to 1337x for Torrent Downloads for you

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

The Pirate Bay works uploader verification to decide the trustworthiness of torrents. While it cannot assure whole safety from malware and adware, this verification minimises the risk of infection. Plus, this method encourages users to download and seed files for prolonged durations, knowing they may be secure.

This website online is one of the most famous BitTorrent systems and 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives. It offers an extensive content library with games, motion pictures, apps, and audio files. Each file functions a quick description and users ratio.

2. Kickass torrent

Kickass torrent is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

Kickass torrent is some of the most famous torrent websites the world over that has virtually suffered its reasonable percentage of exam from police. The torrent internet site fans have, time and once more, handled to give you a working area of Kickass Torrent. In spite of all their efforts, if you can not check out the website online, here are some Kickass proxy websites and reflect websites you can describe.

3. Nyaa

Nyaa is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

Another extraordinary alternative to 1337x is Nyaa. It’s a famous web page for buying anime. You can locate anime torrents in lots of languages with info like users, upload date, and length. You can search by using the search bar or filters.

The homepage has torrents looked after by the class. Nyaa also lets you download software programs, apps, and games. You can browse as a guest or join up. It supports RSS Feeds and helps you to upload torrents. Plus, it’s advert-free, so no pop-ups while downloading.


EZTV is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

EZTV is a well-known torrent website that mainly makes a speciality of supplying access to worldwide TV shows. It has a range of episodes, seasons, and a whole collection available for download. One unique feature is EZTV’s dedication to keeping great requirements, ensuring a positive level of video and audio exceptional for its content.

One of the best things about EZTV is its user-friendly interface, designed to simplify the technique of searching for and obtaining TV display torrents. Visitors to the web page can quickly discover the TV indicates they preference, often followed by crucial details along with episode titles, air dates, and applicable show records.

5. YTS

YTS is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

YTS is a top 1337x opportunity for film fans. It has a Netflix-fashion interface and offers movies in various quality alternatives and languages that you can search for without problems through the hunt bar or homepage.

YTS (Yify) is understood for smaller file sizes and decently nice Each torrent on YTS includes comprehensive info like cast, synopsis, trailers, and rankings. It also indicates related films you would possibly like based on your searches. So there’s no need to turn to 1/3-party sources to locate data about the film, opinions, and IMDb/Tomato rankings.

The good thing is that this site continuously updates the torrent movies. In a few cases, it even had to disclose user records to the authorities.

6. Torlock

Torlock is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

TorLock is an awesome torrent search engine that has many TV shows and movies. Its homepage presents these days famous torrent files, along with their add dates, sizes, and the range of humans sharing them.

TorLock gives a useful function referred to as a health test for torrents, indicating whether they’re safe to download. Additionally, it showcases the top one hundred torrents and affords a news section.

However, TorLock has pop-up advertisements that might redirect you to risky websites and request private information. It’s encouraged to apply an ad-blocker for protection.

7. DL

DL, a famous alternative to 1337x, gives an easy search engine-like interface. It offers numerous content such as software programs, films, tunes, TV shows, video games, and books.

They also have a Help section for torrent downloading and BitTorrent setup. Downloads are speedy and problem-free. However, some users wish for extra functions like scheduled downloads or RSS feeds. DL updates frequently and doesn’t have annoying pop-up ads. When you pick a class, you’ll see a list of downloadable files with information like upload date, size, type, users, etc.

8. IDope

IDope is a 1337x Torrents Mirror Sites and Alternatives in 2024

iDope, a search engine like 1337x, sticks out as one in all its top options. It has a unique function for the dark internet. Users can download torrents and get access to the dark web by iDope. The website online has an extensive variety of content protecting many categories.

Its interface is user-friendly, particularly for cellular users. IDope organises torrents into categories and offers tabs for top and current torrents. However, the downloading speed is slow, and there are advertisements and redirects to probably harmful websites, so it’s recommended to apply a VPN when using iDope.

Why Use 1337x Proxy And Mirror Sites?

1337x is an illegal site that has been banned and blocked by several Government Agencies and ISPs in multiple countries, including India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. So, the only way to access it is by proxy or using mirror sites that unblock it. 

VPN To Unblock 1337x Torrent Site 

VPNs are virtual private networks that you can use to bypass your internet service provider (ISP), allowing you to access several sites blocked in your country or by your internet service provider. Some common VPN providers used to access banned torrent sites are:

  1. Nord VPN
  2. Express VPN
  3. Strong VPN
  4. ProtonVPN
  5. Private Internet Access

If you don’t want to use paid VPNs there are many free VPNs available on the internet. Do a quick search to find out which one works best for you.


If you need an alternative from using 1337x, you can’t accept as true with each torrent site you spot because you can fill your computer with malware. The 1337x alternatives we offer right here offer users a wide number of collections, catering to numerous content choices and consistent access to favoured content. 


1. Is using torrents illegal?

Ans. If you want a general answer, then yes, it is illegal. Users use it to distribute or download copyrighted content, which is illegal according to the government’s law. Copyright holders can easily file a complaint and take legal action against it under the category of pirated content. But if you are sharing non-copyrighted content, then torrenting is legal.

2. How to Download Torrent Files?

Using Torrent is an easy task, because of its interface. It has a user-friendly interface that can help you to browse and navigate easily.
Simply download the torrent file from any torrent site or proxy, even from mirror sites, and open it in your torrent client. 

3. What’s the purpose of 1337x?

Using the BitTorrent protocol, 1337x is an online directory of torrent files and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing. 

4. Is the location 1337 secure?

Websites using the .org domain are used to disseminate Trojans. Because their names seem similar to those of pirate sites, users could visit them.

5. In 1337x, what do leechers mean?

LEECHERS are those who cannot share with you the necessary portion of the file because they do not have all of the pieces. It is unlikely that you will ever complete downloading that torrent if there are no seeders. Seldom are leechers able to download the entire file.

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