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Manjummel Boys Movie Download Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla

Manjummel Boys is a survival thriller/ adventure film directed by Chidambaram. It is an Indian Malayalam language film which was released in 2024. A group of ten friends, known as Manjummel Boys, from Kochi, plan a trip to Kodaikanal. They enjoy their adventure until a mishap happens- one of the boys falls into a dangerously deep pit. They try reaching out for help but nothing works. Soon, locals, the forest guard, and police are involved. Will they be able to save Subhash from the Devil’s pit from which no man has ever come out alive?

“Manjummel boys are pulled into a life-risking mission when one of their friends falls into the dangerous Devil’s pit, an off-limits site in the hill station of Kodaikanal.” – Tamilrockers

Manjummel Boys movie Storyline & Summary

Manjummel Boys movie Storyline & Summary

This section contains a detailed summary of the film Manjummel Boys which involves spoilers as well. 

Spoiler Alert! -Highlights

  • A group of ten friends from Kochi decided to visit the beautiful Kodaikanal, situated in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. 
  • They have fun and thoroughly enjoy their stay at the hill station. Just as they are about to leave, they decide to visit the famous Guna caves. 
  • Accidentally, Subhash falls into a pit located in the restricted area. The friends find out later that there is lurking danger and no man is recovered from the pit alive or dead. 
  • All their efforts are to save Subhash. They seek help from the locals and the police. 
  • After initial setbacks, Kuttan saves Subhash with the help of others. Subhash’s recovery is slow but trauma therapy helps stabilise him. 

In 2006, a group of ten close friends from an arts club in Kochi decided to visit the beautiful and serene hill station, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, in the neighboring state during the Onam festival. They enjoy the visit to Kodaikanal and before leaving, Sudhi, one of the friends, mentions Guna caves, the location where the 1991 Kamal Haasan film Gunaa was shot. 

The boys, who were all drunk, stoned, and in high spirits arrived at Guna cave and decided to split up and explore its narrow chambers. Even though, the tourist guide, Dominic, warned them against going to the restricted area. 

Though there are signs of a lurking danger, the friends explore further. Upon reaching a point, a few friends decide to etch down their group name “Manjummel Boys” on the rocks within the cave. The boys marked it on the wall and shouted to catch up with the rest who were exploring on different sides to take a photo then they all regrouped. Upon walking towards them, Subhash, one of the friends accidentally falls into a concealed pit. At first, everyone else thinks that he is just playing a joke, but they all get worried after calling him several times without any reply at all. Most of them, after the initial amazement, rush back to seek assistance from others. 

Many of them ran back to get help from the locals and asked for assistance while others remained behind screaming for help in hopes that he would respond. They also tell locals in the nearest village what has occurred and request any forms of support available, such as directing them to the nearest police post and forest guard.

The residents also warned them that the specific area was restricted from public access and that to date 13 people have fallen into that pit. None was ever recovered or seen again either dead or alive. Further, they inform that it was for this reason that the British referred to the Guna caves as The Devil’s Kitchen. The particular hole is more than 900 feet deep. The friends therefore become even more terrified and move on back to the initial police station where they are beaten; and accused by police. They are accused of killing Subhash and lying, and no help is extended to them. 

Things turn bad as the rain floods the hole in which Subhash had fallen. Finally, after being convinced and fearing revolt from the locals for not assisting, one of the cops decides to accompany them to the pit. Along the way, he informs them that the last person who had plunged into the hole was a former Central Minister’s nephew some ten years ago. At that time, all the forces had united for his rescue but none could reach him. Having observed the hole the police officer suggests that they leave as Subhash might have died already. Although, the friends are not ready to give up so easily.

Soon one of the boys, Sixen, hears Subhash’s cries. He tells others Subhash is not dead yet and instead alerts the police to try rescuing him. The fire brigade together with additional police officers is called on site. They estimate that Subhash has fallen 120 feet deep. They first try to lower the rope for Subhash to hold onto. However, they are skeptical as he may not be in a condition to respond after such a deep fall.

 They’re afraid to risk their lives and go into the pit to rescue him. One of the friends, Siju David, chooses to go down to see this. At first, the police are worried; however, they finally let him go down because of his insistence. The rope tied around Kuttan comes to an end before he reaches the bottom leading to discontent among the police who claim that going further downwards might lead to cases of low oxygen which in turn may endanger Kuttan’s life as well. As the police reel the roop down at 120 feet, Kuttan can see Subhash lying down in blood and muddy water.

Kuttan successfully retrieves Subhash and is pulled up by the friends together. Subhas receives first aid and is taken to the local hospital where he receives full treatment. They opt not to reveal anything concerning the issue but tell Subhash’s family that he slipped down a waterfall. Because of the wounds, Subhash is not able to sleep initially, but he eventually begins making progress at a slower pace. Trauma therapy helps him cope with the dark incident and normalize.

Later, as the news comes out, Kutan is awarded for his bravery. He receives the Jeevan Raksha Padak for his courage and his humane actions.

How to download Manjummel Boys movie in hd 720p Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla

How to download Manjummel Boys movie in hd 720p Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla

Follow these simple steps to download Manjummel Boys on Filmyzilla:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official website of Filmyzilla.
  2. Search for manjummel boys Full Movie HD 720p Download Filmyzilla
  3. Click on download -Manjummel Boys Full Movie HD 720p Download Filmyzilla
  4. Open the downloaded file on your computer.
  5. Enjoy watching!

Manjummel Boys full movie HD 720p Download Tamilrockers

Download the full movie in HD available on Filmyzilla. 

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Manjummel Boys movie Cast & Crews

Manjummel Boys movie Cast & Crews

The following table gives details regarding the cast and crew of the Manjummel Boys movie Tamil download HD Tamilrockers. 

Manjummel boys movie Songs Lists

There are four songs in Manjummel Boys composed by Vedan, Sushin Shyam, Urmila Krishnan

Manjummel Boys movie Box Office Collection

Manjummel Boys is the highest-grossing Malayalam film at the worldwide box office.

The Manjummel Boys Box IMDB Reviews & Ratings

This film enjoys an IMDb rating of 8.3/10 by 17k users. 

IMDb Reviews 

  • 9/10 Rating 

“Hat-trick blockbuster week for Bollywood. I recommend this film to all history and suspense lovers.” – Liza d

  • 9/10 Rating 

“Brilliant cinematography- it is a beautiful note on unbreakable friendship.” – Suparna  Ray

  • 10/10 Rating 

“Unpredictable, nailbiting, and emotional. Hats off to the technical team for syncing the sound and action so well. A must watch” – Rakeem

Manjummel Boys Movie Gallery 6 Images

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Manjummel Boys movie FAQs

Q. How much did it cost to produce Manjummel Boys?

A- There is a controversy involving the production cost- the producers fraudulently claimed that film production cost Rs. 22 crores while the amount was Rs 18. 65 crore. 

Q. What is the Manjummel incident?

A- In 2006, a group of 11 men hailing from Manjummel, a village in Kochi went to Kodaikanal where one of them fell into a dangerously steep pit- the devil’s pit in Guna caves. 

Q. How long is Manjummel Boys? 

A- The film has a run-time of 135 minutes. 

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