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Vikram Movie Download HD 720p Filmyzilla

Movies are the mirror of society that connects people to the fictional world and lets them enjoy scenarios that can’t be possible in the real world. Many movies are based on the real stories of the people or place and many aren’t but still, we love watching movies whenever we get time.  Watching movies has become a hobby for many people and that’s why the Filmyzilla platform brings you the action thriller movie “Vikram” on your device only you have to visit the platform and type Vikram movie download hd 720p Filmyzilla and just after typing you will get the results and you can easily download it as per your data.  

The action thriller movie Vikram will give you Goosebumps with its great storyline with lots and action and drama. This movie is presently effectively accessible on your gadget and you’ll appreciate it completely free of taking a toll without any glitches or escape clauses. Fair you’ve got to visit the Filmyzilla unique site to download the movie. At the site varieties of quality are accessible as per your MB or data, and you’ll effortlessly download HD or 720p quality in just a couple of minutes. 

Vikram Movie Storyline & Summary 

Vikram Movie Storyline & Summary 

Vikram’s movie storyline starts with a bang with the series of murders within the city with a gathering of concealed men taking obligation and calling it their war against the framework. Police Officer Jose (Chemban Vinod Jose) brings in a covert specialist group headed by Amar (Fahadh Faasil), who begins burrowing into Karnan (Vikram) and his child cop (Kalidas). 

Amar moreover finds Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi) who is the biggest medication merchant within the city runs the business with his three wives and with his family members in his claim house, and Santhanam gets tremendous weight from his boss for lost base substance for cocaine from 900KG. Amar clears the colossal perplex on the entry of Vikram and Bejoy (Narain). Did Vikram chase down Sandhanam and find the medicate mafia group pioneer is rest of the story is described with activity, the thriller screenplay has to be observed on an enormous screen.

How to download Vikram Movie In HD 720p Filmyzilla 

How to download Vikram Movie In HD 720p Filmyzilla 

While downloading the Vikram movie or any movie always choose the Filmyzilla platform because it provides the best quality movies in low data. Filmyzilla is available on any device whether it is a laptop or mobile phone all movies are available in a single click with HD, 720p, 480p, and much more. Now let’s look out at the steps to download the Vikram movie in HD from filmyzilla 

  • Visit the official website of the Filmyzilla 
  • Enter the URL or name of the movie you want to Download 
  • After entering the name movie will appear of that you have searched for 
  • Click on the Quality of your choices like HD, 720p,480p, 3gp, and many more 
  • After selecting the quality press on download button 
  • After the downloading is complete close the app 
  • Search for the movie where you have downloaded it and enjoy 

Download Vikram Movie

Download Vikram Movie Here-

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Vikram Movie Cast And Crews 

Vikram Movie Cast And Crews 

The cast and the crew of the movies are all recognized and not everyone in the movie played their role so perfectly that it looks like it was not a fictional movie but a real one. The South legendary actor Kamal Hassan has played an agent role in this movie and with him versatile actor Vijay Sethupathi led his role as a leader of the gang who are involved in drugs and alcohol. The special appearance of the actors made this movie so amazing like Kalidas Jayram (ACP) and Sanathana Bharathi ( Gym owner and agent). 

Vikram Movie Song List 

Vikram movie was an amazing hit not only by the actors and actresses its songs were also marvelous. The legendary singer Anirudh showed exceptional talent by leading the charge of songs for the movie and with him, the lead actor of the movie Kamal Hassan has also given a fine touch to make the songs more fantastic. Now let’s look at the list of the songs which was played in the movie Jawan.  

Vikram Movie Box Office Collection 

Vikram’s Movie at the box office has been surprising. The film, moreover featuring Vijay Sethupathi and Kamal Hassan was released on 3rd June 2022, Vikram turned out to have the greatest box office opening ever seen by the Tamil film industry of that year, and   Its to begin with day profits were Rs 56.68 crore overall dialects. It is right now the most elevated worker of the year 2022 and the most effective Tamil film in Tollywood of all time in India with a global collection of INR 447.65 crore 

 Vikram  IMDB Rating & Reviews 

 Vikram  IMDB Rating & Reviews 

The movie leads the great path with high crossing earnings and becoming the highest-grossing movie of the 2022 year. The legendary actor Kamal Hassan has proven why he is one of the greatest actors of Tollywood with the marvelous movie Vikram and his co-actors Vijay and Kalidas showed tremendous work. It earned global accolades with an IMDB rating of 8.0/10 which is counted as the best rating for any movie.  

Moreover, if we talk about the review of the movies, so audience likes the movie very much and also shows much love to the movie through their words and comments on social media platforms. Let’s see some reviews of the Vikram movie 

On Twitter Mohit – what a great movie it was love to see it 

On Instagram Venu Gopal iyer  – Love the concept and storyline 

On Facebook  Kamal – The movie was great and the acting of Kamal Hassan was marvelous 

Vikram Movie Gallery 

Unique Picture of Vikram Movie

Vikram movie photos are so tremendous to watch especially when Kamal Hassan does some actions and with his weapons, while on the other side, Vijay Sethupathi has also shown the great facial expression and attitude of the gangster which makes it feel like he is not the actor, he is a gangster. Let’s see some amazing pictures from the Movie.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ’s) 

Q – In which year Vikram’s movie was released? 

A – The Vikram movie was released on the 3rd of June 2022 but as per some sources movie was going to be released in September but due to some issue it was released before the date.  

Q –  Which actor is in the lead role of the Movie? 

A –  Kamal Hassan plays a lead role in the movie as a special agent. 

Q – Was this movie the most successful movie of 2022? 

A –  Yes! Vikram movie was the most successful movie of the year 2022 with a total collection of around 450 crores worldwide.  


Vikram is a film that guarantees a mass performer with all the fixings that you will not feel guilty after watching the movie. Directed by Lokesh Kanaraja who is known for his multiple-role dramatizations, the film stars Kamal Hassan in stylish looks each with its charm and charisma. The film could be idealized and downloaded through Vikram movie download HD 720p Filmyzilla. A good choice for those who need to go with their companions to shriek, move, and appreciate the display on the enormous screen.

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