Torrentz2 Proxy List & Top 5 Working Torrentz2 Alternatives List

Torrentz2 Proxy Lists & Working Top 5 Alternative Lists [Updated 2024]

Torrentz2 was started in 2003. The famous Torrentz2 proxy websites had been started nearly at the same time as the professional Torrent website was started. It gives the same features as each other Torrent website like The Pirate Bay, Kickass torrent, Extratorrent, and other principal websites. 

After going through the closure, it was advanced to Torrentz2.Eu website which represents the second model. It facilitates you to download and read torrent files. It has more than 80 torrent websites and offers a database of more than 90. For transferring the files easily, BitTorrents is used. As many websites were given their copy or Mirrors and were anticipated to hold continuity, torrentz2 is equal to the leading website as it has the same name, interface, and database.

Torrentz2 Proxy has the best search engine; it also helps files in different search engines. For the sake of it, the torrent internet site became an outstanding search engine. There are tons of files in search engines. You can find any data from here. There are numerous Torrent websites with masses of content available. Every website is unique in its features. Some are popular for their area of expertise, simple interface, number of visitors, performance, and speed. In this blog, we are going to tell you a list of torrentz2 proxy sites and alternatives.

What is Torrentz2 Proxy?

Torrentz2 Proxy Lists & Working Top 5 Alternative Lists [Updated 2024]

The current Torrentz2 web page launched from Torrentz2eu which was close down in 2016 however still uses the same Torrentz2.Ecu domain name. No one is aware of the precise purpose why Torrentz2eu was taken offline, however some consider that it was done to keep away from legal issues because it closed down quickly after Kickass Torrents was taken down and its admin became arrested.

Due to the fact that torrent sites exist in a form of legal grey region, it generally isn’t a huge marvel when one is shut down. That being said, the takedown of Torrentz2eu left a giant void inside the torrenting world because it was so widely used and allowed users to go looking at many sites immediately.

Since Torrentz2 had the benefit of getting an existing user base leftover from Torrentz.Eu, it didn’t have to work too hard to build popularity in the torrenting network and acts as a suitable replacement for its predecessor. Also, they have been capable of building more of a target market by launching Extra Torrentz2, that’s especially for film torrents.

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Torrentz2 Proxy List & Top 5 Working Torrentz2 Alternatives List

The Torrentz2 meta-search engine has numerous mirrors and proxy sites built as alternatives to get across the constant restrictions of its important website. However, those proxy sites also get blocked as soon as the ISP notices them.

However, we’ve made a list of Torrentz2 Proxy List & Top 5 Working Torrentz2 Alternatives List websites which might be, at this point, active and can be used to get access to torrent files easily.

 Top 5 Torrentz2 Alternatives & Mirror Lists

Torrentz2 Proxy Lists & Working Top 5 Alternative Lists [Updated 2024]

The Torrentz2 search engine internet site isn’t continually the easiest torrent site to get access to. Also, regardless of the number of proxy Torrentz2 websites available, there are some times when they themselves are inaccessible. However, there are numerous other torrent serps and directories which might be remarkable alternatives to Torrentz2. If the main domain or Torrentz2 proxy websites don’t work for you, right here are a few alternatives that are good working.

  1. YTS Torrent
  2. The Pirate Bay
  3. 1337x Torrent
  4. Torrent Downloads
  5. EZTV Torrents

Lets discuss each in details:

1) YTS Torrent

Having torrentz like torrenting websites can carry you extra scope for downloading your favourite content free of charge over the Internet. YTS ensures that you can download video games, music, software programs, and movies. The attractive layout of this Torrentz2 opportunity web page ensures you can browse by listing torrents in specific genres. Due to its intuitive interface, you don’t need to worry about navigating and searching torrents inside the software. Everything in this website like Torrentz2, is looked after and properly controlled.

2) The pirate bay

As the most popular torrent web page and under scrutiny, the Pirate Bay has indeed builded its area of interest. It has the whole thing under its belt, starting with music, video games, software, ebooks, movies, and TV shows. Simply browse your preferred torrent file at your fingertips. It was banned in 28 nations worldwide but is a trustworthy torrent site. In precept, most of the torrents in this Torrentz2 alternative web page are films, and TV shows that you can explore and download out of your laptop. This website like Torrentz2 helps instantaneous torrent download, and you can find about 3 million torrents right here.

3) 1337x Torrent

The other alternative of torrentz 2 is 1337x, which helps you to access and download torrent files. Whether it’s movies, songs, video games, or TV shows, you have a range of options to discover. With a simple user interface, you get the first-class out of this torrent web page. There is no such element as a 1337X timeout on the grounds that downloading files is quite speedy.

4) Torrent downloads

The other torrent sites, TorrentDownloads.Me offers an in-depth database of essentially something and the whole thing. One of the best torrent websites nowadays, users can find all the new mainstream content in multi-functional areas. You also can find older and more torrent files for download on TorrentDownloads as well. Also, all torrent files available on this website are verified.

Furthermore, one reason humans do not go toward TorrentDownloads is due to their filtering device. Unlike most torrent websites that only offer foremost categories in organising their files, TorrentDownloads offers a number of sub-categories. This way in case you’re a Windows user searching out a software, you could simply pick out the Windows subcategory. This will allow you to most effectively see applications well matched along with your operating system. In addition, there’s also a selected category for the sort of software you need to download.

5) EZTV Torrents

If you’re a torrent fan, you would be familiar with EZTV. This is due to the fact once it’s miles was a top supply for all types of video files and films. It also encourages network discussions somewhere else on the web page. They do not concentrate on less popular media and consequently turn to the fine location to find the most important releases. Upload that files it hosts always have quite a few sources inside the tracker for fast downloading. The interface is a bit specific however it has plenty of types of media.

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How Do Torrentz2 Proxy Work?

Torrentz2 Proxy Lists & Working Top 5 Alternative Lists [Updated 2024]

Torrentz2 proxy list act as intermediaries between your device and Torrentz2 with a view to prevent an immediate connection between your tool and the web page you are attempting to get access to.

When the usage of a proxy, your request to get access to Torrentz2 is sent to the proxy first, which then transmits the request to Torrentz2 on your behalf, getting rid of your direct involvement inside the technique.

The reaction obtained from Torrentz2 is then released back to the proxy web page you are the user of, which then transmits it to you. This enables you to navigate torrents thoroughly and get across the ISP address on Torrentz2.Eu.

How Torrent Works?

Torrents are a form of peer-to-peer report sharing. You will find that many torrent websites have a “torrent file” (.Torrent report extension) attached to it. This file is a listing of the facts about the data you need to percentage.

The torrent web page then distributes this data to different customers who are searching out the same file. The torrent website online does not percentage the file itself, it only consists of the datas about the report.


Movies, games, software, and different varieties of content are made available to users on torrent websites, but Torrentz2 is a completely unique website since it acts as a meta-search engine that compiles torrent files for customers from a number of torrent websites. Although torrentz2 is no longer functional, you may nevertheless get access to the torrent meta search engine through one of the proxy websites that we’ve already discussed above.

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